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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1.Focus on the subject and compose carefully - No one said that the subject on photos you shoot have to be untouched, you have to all you can to make a beautiful photo.So you have to keep the elements on a photo as balanced as possible.Some tips to do that are:
  • Crop out extra elements that you are not interested in.
  • Keep the horizon level;
  • Place your subject where you think it most belongs rather than just accepting it wherever it happens to land in the photo;
  • Play with perspective so that all lines show a pattern or lead the eye to your main subject
  • Keep anything that would distract out of the picture.
  • Focus on your subject
2.Reduce your flash light-I dont know why but people when they first start with photography think that the use of flash light it's important.Well IT IS NOT. You have to reduce your flash output-The build-in flash of the digital camera puts out to much light very close to the lens causing a bad shoot,so you have to go to your camera settings and program it the lower possible,let say -1 or -2:But if still there is to much light you can cover the flash head with your finger,not totally,just a part of it so this lowers the light causing your image to be softer and much warmer.Or you can turn it off entirely you can work without it.

3. Avoid high contrast situations-You have to avoid shooting when there are extreme highlights and shadows,because will lose detail both in dark and light areas.Avoid shooting in direct sunlight.

4. Move in closer-You have to try different shoots,and you have to move in close to frame the subject better.
Very often detail are more interesting than an overall view.Keep moving in closer until you are sure the photo will successfully represent your subject.

5. Keep your camera settings simple-This doesn't mean that you have to keep your camera on AUTO settings,but you can have better results If you pick a semi-automatic program like shutter speed or aperture priority or you can just use the camera programs like landscape,portrait,night etc until you learn a little more.Also bring a tripod. This one item can solve camera shake issues and help you get beautiful evening shots.


frankluna said...

Great post!Very helpful tips especially to those who don't have knowledge in digital photography.Hope to read more about this useful topic..

eni112 said...

Thank you very much for your appreciation.Hope to help you more in the future with our new articles that are coming soon.thanks

pressure vessels said...

thanks for the tips. I agree with too much flash. The picture is over exposed most of the time if i use it. Thanks for sharing these wonderful info.