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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Photographing can be very challenging in some special conditions,for example:in the night,in low light condition etc...So you will need a good tripod with you to make all easier.In these article we will give you some advices on what tripod to use.
1Always look for good construction and stability-These are very important factors,and them determine if it is a good tripod on not and if you can trust it with your camera or not.A good construction is important for a long life of your tripod and your camera.Stability is important during your shooting to take better photos and avoid camera shake.So you will need to avoid plastic tripods and light one.The heavier the tripod the better is its stability.
2.Tripod heads-Depending on what kind of photos you like to shoot you can choose between two varieties of heads:pan and tilt heads and the ball and socket heads.Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The pan and tilt heads move up and down, left to right. It doesn't have as much fluid movement as the ball and socket type as it,can take any direction you like.Some tripods have removable heads so you can change them,some have fixed ones so you are stuck with it all the time.
3.Weight-It true that the heavier the tripod the better is it's stability but these doesn't mean you have to use the heavier you can find because now days you can find tripod models made with carbon fiber that are light and offer a good stability.So is better for you to use a tripod which weight matches with the camera and it accessories if it has any like lenses,flesh or other.
4.Height-Use the height you need depending on what you want to photograph.You can choose between different types from the tallest one to the shortest one.
5.Joint and sections-
Look for joints that don't flex,even they cost more they have a better stability.Choose you tripod sections for your needs.If you like traveling is better to use a 4 segmented tripod as they can be packed smaller.But with a 4 segmented you loose from your stability so you will need to do a compromise but also you can buy higher quality segments to compensate a little.


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