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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


On Valentine day there are a lot of ways to show your affection:a special gift,a romantic trip,a romantic dinner or...if you don't have much to spent and want to do something great,you can take a romantic portrait of the one that you love.You can take a great portrait of yourself and put it in a great frame.Or you can pay a professional photographer to take a special portrait to you as a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend but this depends on your budget.
Here we are going to give you some basic tips for portrait photography so you can take photos of your self or your boyfriend,but remember if you want to take some self-portrait you will need a tripod.
  • Focus on the subject- you want the focus of attention in your photo to be your subject's face and expression. Suggest dark clothing that will be subdued - avoid checks, stripes and big patterns, unless such outfits are your subject's trademark. The subject's face should stand out, not the clothing!
  • Fill the frame- come in close and fill the frame with your subject. Generally, you'll be better off with a "head-and-shoulders" shot in which the hands don't show.
  • If the hands do show- give them something to hold - gloves, a small bouquet, a hat - anything that's appropriate.
  • Shutter speed-use fast shutter speeds:outdoors ISO 200, indoors ISO 400 or faster.
  • Flash-Shoot some pictures with flash, some without.When using flash, keep your subject a few feet from the background to minimize dark wall shadows.
  • Continuous shooting mode-Because you will shot yourself or your partner with continuous mode you have the possibility to take a lot of picture where to choose from.
  • Careful before printing-Examine your photos carefully you still have time to do some adjusts using a post-processing software that you are familiar with ,or use online sites.
  • At last-Then take the best photo and have it enlarged so that you can put a 4 x 6, 5 x 7, or 8 x 10 print in a tasteful frame for a great Valentine's Day present!
The previous tips are the basics for shooting a photo of your partner or your self independently if you are a male or female.
Now if you are a girl and want to do something special for your boyfriend here are some other tips,but as we said earlier you will need a good tripod,maybe if you will shoot just face and shoulder you can work without it but if you want to photograph the entire body you will definitely need a good one.
  • Make up-Put on makeup as though you are going out for a fancy evening. This is generally heavier than your usual "look", and will usually appear light and natural under the studio lighting. Use a bit more foundation than normal, carefully blending it from your face down to your upper body. If you plan to wear something revealing, you do not want your face to be one color and your upper body another color.
  • Avoid overdoing tanning at salons prior to a photo session. You may burn or freckles may become more prominent. Tanning lotions may cause your skin to appear splotchy when makeup is applied. Eye shadow should be a lighter color rather than darker to bring your eyes forward. Blush and lip color should be heavier than usual. Blush should be evenly blended and lip color should be a shade darker than usual avoiding light colors and especially anything that looks frosted. Most importantly, use enough powder for a matte finish. You should have a solid foundation of powder. This matte finish is very important to avoid shiny reflections of the lights, called hotspots. You will have an opportunity to touch it up and make small corrections prior to starting the session.
  • Heels-put on the tallest heels that you have in a variety of colors (black, white, and red for example). If you’re not sure what to wear, consider some of the following:
    -An apron & high heels
    -His uniform or favorite shirt
    - Cowboy boots & hat
    - A tux shirt with black studs and black cuff-links
    - A tux bow-tie
    - A body stocking
    - Strings of different colored beads
    - A leather jacket
    - A vest
    - Cutoffs
    - A bath towel with wet hair
    - Wet T-shirt
    - Silk boxer shorts
    - A T-shirt
    - Anything thin, transparent or translucent
    - Halloween costumes
    - Anything fishnet (tops, stockings etc)
    - Artificial flower petals or leaves
    - A mini skirt
    - An off-the-shoulder top
    - A tank top which is either too tight, cut-off too much or both
    - Sunglasses
    - Scarves
    - Lingerie
    - Stockings
    - A fun wig
    - Anything unusual or outfits that you would never wear outside
  • For boudoir portraits, leg openings in panties and other items should a high cut style, French cut, to make your legs appear longer and more attractive. Be sure to bring matching jewelry, shoes, and accessories for any outfits. As with clothing, bring any props which have special meaning.Examples might include special jewelry received as gifts, sports equipment, or unusual accessories. If these photographs are for somebody special,think about their likes and dislikes and hobbies for ideas on what to bring.
  • Depending on your interest, I’d suggest signing up to receive free catalogs from companies such as:Victoria's Secret,purchase magazines like Playboy, Maxim,or King or find books of artistic nudes. Study them and pay particular attention to how the models pose in different style clothing. Look closely at how they hold their hands, arch the backs, legs and feet.
  • Black and white photography-Sometimes when your colors aren't so beautiful is better to make your photo in black/white as it gives a more intimate feeling and because the viewer will be more focused on the subject that in the colors
  • If you have an i-Pod create a play list to get you in the mood for creating great photos.You may like love songs but choose songs that will energize you.

  • Get your nails and toes done. Generally, short and neutral (nude polish or a French
  • manicure) is the best way to go.

  • Drink plenty of water; avoid salty foods and alcohol prior to a shoot so that you are n

  • ot puffy on the day of the shoot.
  • Trim split ends and dye your roots. Studio lights exaggerate both of these! It is not the time to try a new hair color or cut.If you end up hating your hair it will show up in your photos.
  • Make sure if you are going to have “special” favors such as hearts that those are photographed.I think color is important and red is the call for the day…well so is pink and white. I would try to incorporate as much of the color as possible in to the photography.
Make sure you get lots of photos because not everything you shoot will be perfect.
We wish you a happy Valentine's day


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amazing tips. hands deploy emotions and shooting them instantly adds characters on the image. these tips are really helpful.

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amazing tips. hands deploy emotions and shooting them instantly adds characters on the image. these tips are really helpful.

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