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Sunday, August 10, 2008


The key to success are: isolate, simplify, and watch subject placement

The flower could be a beautiful subject to photography,because of their beautiful shape and colors.Because they stand still they are the firs subject the new photographer seek to capture.
  • Isolate:means you should make your object clear.If you are photographing a group of flowers you should isolate one,two or from the group.
  • Simplify:you should watch out for busy background,hot spots,black holes,and extraneous elements entering the frame.
  • Backgrounds:they are as important as the subject it self,you should avoid a busy background with what you can cause it can kill your image.
  • Subject placement:there are three "centers" in a frame: center-top,which is fine;center bottom,which is fine;and center-center,otherwise known as "bulls-eye" composition which can be a little difficult to do.

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