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Sunday, August 17, 2008


There are some things to know that help create better shots at night and there is certain gear that helps get you from a good shot to an incredible shot.
The important thing for shooting at night is the tripod.The tripod is a must because most of the time you have to shoot without flash and with long exposure.So you have to buy a good one.
Another important equipment is a cable release,which lets you push a switch on the end of a cable to open your shutter without the need for you to touch the camera.It is very good as it keeps the shutter open for as long as you want and it avoids camera shake that can damage you image.If you cant afford one you can shoot by setting the time at your camera(lets say 10-12 sec) which allows your camera to stabilize.But if you want no camera movement at all you should always use a cable release

Much of the glow from the shot comes from the long exposure, which is a bonus. And when you are shooting digitally, you can check in a second to see if you are under or over-exposed.Take lots of photos. Be sure to take a lot of photos when you are doing night photography, and try them at different exposures. Somewhere in the group, there may well be a spectacular photo, that was the result of a experimental combination of shutter speed and aperture. Remember, film is cheap, and for digital camera users, there is always the trash can for unwanted images.Oh the endless advantages of shooting digital...

A good night shot is not captured by accident. The right planning creates the perfect night shot.
-Check the weather forecast. That way you will know if you need to dress for cooler weather after dark, and how much cloud cover to expect.It is easy to get cold standing around waiting for the right photographic opportunity after the sun has gone down.
Use bug spray in the appropriate seasons. If you are going to be anywhere near water or in the woods, apply a heavy application of bug-spray. You are likely to be sitting or standing for a while in the same place, no point in making yourself an extra attractive meal for the local bugs.
Bring a bubble level. Bubble levels let you know if your camera is level, so you don't have the annoying problem of images running down hill in your pictures.
Bring your cell phone. Remember, you are going to be out in the dark, having a cell phone with you for emergencies is only common sense. If you are going out with another photographer, it helps if you both have phones with you. That way if you get separated, it's much easier to find one another in the dark.
Bring a flashlight. A pocket flash light is a great tool to have when you are doing photography. Not only can it light up your camera dials so you can see how your camera is set, it can also help light the path on the way back to the car.
he best times for landscape digital photography without additional light sources, or looking at it in a different manner, away from city lights, is either when the moon is full, the two days before the full moon and the two days after the full moon. Any clouds in the sky will also affect the amount of light available for your night photography, just as they would if you were shooting during the day.
-Try some photos before the night is pitch black. Sometimes having some color left in the sky can add to the photo.

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