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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


First we will give you some tips on how to shoot B&W photography than why a photo will be better if presented in B&W.
The tips to shoot in B&W are:
1.SHOOT IN COLOR-yes even if you want a B&W photography you should shoot in colors because you can turn it in B&W later very easily.IF you shoot in B&W you cant turn it back in colors,plus there is another problem that some cameras don't have an option in shooting B&W.
2.SHOOT IN RAW-like every other kind of photos you should shoot in because it gives you more freedom processing it after.Another great thing of shooting in raw is that you can shoot with B&W option so you can control how your subject looks in B&W and still have it in color when transfering it on your PC
3.USE LOW ISO-this is a very important factor,because a high ISO can give noise to your picture and when you transform it in B&W it can ruin your photo and could be hard or even impossible to remove all the noise.
4.SHOOT IN LOW CONT RAST SITUATION-you have to choose days with overcast sky,even that these pictures don't look good in colors they can be amazing in B&W.The over exposed sky in these situation is much easier to ignore and the viewer can be more focused on the subject.
5.COMPOSING-most of the tips given for other kind of photography van be applied in B&W.You have to be extra careful to shapes and texture.and you have to be careful with shadows and highlights.
Now this last tip takes as to the second part of the article,
and learn why we have to do B&W photography.
1.B&W photographys can express emotions sometimes better than color photography.So you can use it with portaits very well.They heighten the drama of your subject and lets your viewer focus better in you subject without the colors that can distract.Skin tones with B&W are better without blemishings,blotches...
2.Photos in B&W are more romantic that why more and more couples prefer their wedding photos in B&W.It makes the photos classic, timeless and therefor romantic.So you can shoot baby portrait,family portraits,wedding photographs
3.B&W can be beautiful in landscape photography,especially with an overcast sky.You have to try it both ways and choose which is better :color or B&W.It gives interesting texture, lines or patterns in nature giving it a poetic feeling.
4.You can use B&W photos and let just one color stand out so that the viewer can focus on what you tell him to.This could be a great way to present your picture.
At last after all B&W is great
because it creates images that are so personal and meaningful.So remember you have to practice and one day you will get your perfect picture.GOOD LUCK

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