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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Firework can offer a great view and we all want to have some memories of them,but capturing them in a photograph can be a little bit difficult and needs a lot of practice.Here are some tips to help you throw this process.
1.USE A TRIPOD-and must be a good one if you want to do the best.It would be very helpful to use a remote cable so you avoid all the camera shaking caused by your finger,if not you have to work without it and try to do the best or use your camera timing by setting it 1 sec.
2.CHOOSE THE RIGHT SPOT-It's very important to be in the best position.And also could be great if you enter in your frame some important object like a palace or a bridge.Having water in the foreground could create a beautiful reflection of the firework and is also great.But you have to avoid crowded places so you will not take shoulders or heads of people.Stay in a high place let say a high palace or somewhere else where you can be alone.
3.CAREFUL WITH THE WEATHER-The most import factor is the wind that can spread the smoke and damages your you should be extra careful and avoid taking it on the frame.
4.SHUTTER SPEED-you have to use a shutter speed between 1-4 sec,not less that doesn't give the effect you want and not more because it will just cause a washed out image.But in some cameras you can use a preset option called bulb or just use night mode.
5.APERTURE PRIORITY-The best values are between f8 and f16.If You narrow it more than f16 you image will not me sharp enough.
6.ISO-You have to use ISO at 100 because if it higher it will introduce noise to you photo.
7.TURN OFF FLASH LIGHT-as it want help you with distance photos,on the contrary it will cause damages.
8.SHOOT A LOT-in order for you to get the best picture you have to take a lot shoots so I advice you to take a high capacity memory card and extra batteries,you may need them.
9.FRAME-Some would prefer a vertical shoot but this is not important,it depends on what do you want to include on the frame.

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