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Saturday, October 11, 2008


1-Shoot with a blue sky-this means that in order fort you to
obtain blue sky on your photos you should have a blue sky,doesn't matter if its a little pale because you can fix it easely,but in order for you to improve an overcast sky you must go throw a lot of trouble.In this article we will talk about adjusting your existing blue sky.How to make it a deep blue.
2-Shoot in Raw-always shoot in raw as you have more possibility to make changes on your picture without damaging it,for example you can change your color temperature,or exposure or you can use even presets to make your work look better in an easy way.But if this is not enough we will pass to the other tip that means working it with digital darkroom.
3-Photoshop-With the help of photoshop we can change sky color without using any polarising filter but still have a similar effect. Here we are not going to use hue end saturation layer but we are using something else that gives a close effect with the polarising filter.All we have to is go to IMAGE option on the top of your photoshop window and select ADJUSTMENT and then SELECTIVE COLOR.Inside the SELECTIVE COLOR change the color to blues.Now I advice you to change black bar but it all depends on the photo you want to adjust so you have to play will colors until you create the color of the sky you wanted.This is just a simple and fast way to change the blue of the sky and make it darker,for other cases like overcast sky,over exposed and other we will talk in other articles..

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