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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Now that the fall has come you have the chance to shoot breath- taking photos because of the great variety of colors it offers.With our tips we will help you doing the best picture ever.
1.Like every other landscape photography the best time for shooting is in the early morning or during the sunset.I would prefer during sunset cause of the golden glow it gives to the photo
2.It is better to shoot with an overcast sky because the diffusion of the light is better and you avoid bright sunny light that washes out your colors.But with an overcast sky you have to leave the sky out of the picture or it will be a disaster.
3.You can use a polarising filter as it help make colors more intense.Or you can under- expose by a half stop to intensify colors without a filter.
4.You have to use a tripod if you want sharp results.
5.Use the rule of thirds to frame your image. Imagine your viewfinder is divided into thirds vertically and horizontally. Compose the image so that the main subject is located at one of the intersections of the third lines.
6.Play with the white balance so you can warm up the colors temperature just a little.
7.The mos important thing of all,concentrate on your subject,what do you want to use as foreground and background.Try different position until you find the perfect one.Simplify you picture by letting out all distracting objects.
8.You have to search for contrast for example leaves in a bright blue sky cause they are very pretty
9.Remember you have to use all the tips above so you can take the best picture you can but than you have to develo
p it with digital darkroom like photoshop, lightroom,etc.I advice to shoot in Raw.You can use curves an levels for better contrast colors without damaging your photo.But this will be subject for another article.

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