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Monday, October 13, 2008


Birds can be a very interesting subject to shoot because they offer a great variety of shapes, colors and dimensions.In order to do that you have to know some basic things about photography and some necessary equipment.This what we are going to talk about in this article.
1.The right time-The best season for shooting birds photography is in Spring,because is the season that you can find them almost anywhere trying to mate,and their colors are the best.This doesn't mean you cant get great pictures during other seasons,for example:during autumn when they migrate in groups.So you have to find the opportunity that fits you the most.And the perfect time of the day are after the sunrise and before sunrise,time in which

they are very active and the lighting from the sun is not to strong.
2.Know your subject and the right place-In order for you to get great photos you have to know all you can about the birds you want to photograph,because knowing their habits helps you a lot in finding the right place and time to take great pictures.
3.Camera and equipment-If you want to shoot bird photography you need to have a SLR/DSLR with a 300mm (or more) lens, but in the back yard the rules change. You can even get good shots with an advanced point and shoot with 10x Zoom.
A good tripod or a monopod is very important also a shutter release.
Flash unit are very important to fill shadows because often bird hide through trees and leaves create shadows that are not good for your photo.So you have to learn using fill flash as it will dramatically enhance your bird images.
4.Camera settings-As with all photography, you need to consider the basic elements that make for a good photograph, including lighting, exposure, composition, color, details etc.I advice you to use manual exposure but if you don't have much experience with it you can use auto-expos
You can set white balance manually but you can always do it later if you shoot in RAW so do that.this way if you do forget to set white balance or exposure is off a little you can fix it within your image editing software.
Using Aperture Priority Mode helps you control the Depth Of Field.
Use fast Shutter Speeds they are great for bird photographs.Because birds are fast maybe they're flying,so you will usually need at least a 1/500 second shutter speed. Even small songbirds, when perched, will often make sudden and unexpected movements.But some times they are more quite so you need to control Shutter Speed depending on the situation
5.Consider your background-Never forget that background is very important when shooting birds,because a nice a background can make a huge difference and in case of boring background blur it.
6.Learn to be patient- If you are not patient you better don't try shooting birds. Because you may stay for ours in one place and don't take a decent shoot.All you need to learn shooting birds is PRACTICE and PATIENT.But this happens only if you love what you do.

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