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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Funny picture can give the laugh you might need.Capturing them can be rewarding too.We will give you some tips on how to shoot humorous picture.Humor can be be found everyday you just need to be a little careful to notice it and you have to take your camera always with you so you don't loose a single funny moment.In these occasions a single photo can tell its own story.This doesn't mean that you have to wait until a funny thing happens to photograph it,you can set something yourself and shoot.Follow these simple tips:
1.If you see something funny going on photograph it-You have to notice funny signs, position or situation.Look for contrast or just moments that make you say "huh?".
2.Center your subject-Sometimes just centering and getting very close to your subject can create a funny feeling to your photo.This is not a rule,sometimes you just need to put your subject off-center that creates a silly effect.A wide-angle lens can cause distortion which may not be desirable for portraits but can create funny faces if your subject is willing.I advice you to shoot both ways and then choose who's better.
3.Animals and children- are the best subjects for humorous photos.Kids are always cute and they can make you smile every time.Animals too are very funny when they take some silly expression or positions.
  • But they can be unpredictable with their fast movements so you have to be prepared by using high Shutter Speed and big aperture so you avoid motion blur that destroys your picture.
  • Capture the baby showing an adult facial expression or behaviour. This can be very funny.
  • Use mirrors-for example a curios baby looking at himself on the mirror,of course you have to be really careful so he doesn't get hurt.If you are lucky enough to photograph identical twins you don’t even need the mirror to give the photo an unexpected edge.
  • You can photograph a baby having fun in a peculiar place.
  • Very funny can be a baby wearing big adult shoes,sunglasses, or funny clothes.
  • Shoot the baby from a different angle,from above from behind or don't make him appear as small but as a giant.
  • Shoot babies when they are playing and they get very dirty,can be very silly.
4.Look for big differences in size-For example you can shoot hilarious photos of big animals,like big dogs with babies,or something less dangerous with very big objects and babies.This kind of situation can be very funny.
5.Set something up-Like I set before you can create funny situations and shoot them,they can be set up of strange objects, signs,animals or people.
6.Have fun capturing them and share your photos-so other people can laugh with them because you know that laughter and humor are the secret of a long life.

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